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Tokamak Clean Energy Bioshield Project

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Savvy Group is currently working with Tokamak Energy to create a unique biosphere structure to support its world-leading clean energy project.

Based at Milton Park in Oxfordshire, Tokamak Energy's mission is to change the way the world generates power. It is developing a scalable fusion solution that will give the world an attractive new power source that is plentiful, safe, cost-effective, secure and clean.

As part of this project, Tokamak Energy has asked Savvy to explore a project to construct a unique and purpose-built bioshpere around the tokamak (pictured above) that contains the plasma where temperatures of over 100 million degrees centigrade will be created to allow fusion to occur.

This bioshield protects operatives from low levels of Gammas and Neutron radiation. The shielding will need to be created using pre-formed concrete VEE blocks with SPS structural roof paneling supported by a steel ring beam frame.

It goes without saying that this is a complex undertaking without precedent, requiring bespoke or niche materials and parts and requiring a high degree of coordination between Savvy and the client to ensure an outcome that meets the exact standards required.



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