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Tokamak Clean Energy Bioshield completes

Savvy Construction has now completed the unique bioshield project for Milton based science company, Tokamak Energy, as part of their drive to create clean energy from fusion.

Based at Milton Park in Oxfordshire, Tokamak Energy's mission is to change the way the world generates power. It is developing a scalable fusion solution that will give the world an attractive new power source that is plentiful, safe, cost-effective, secure and clean.

Tokamak Energy asked Savvy to precision engineer a unique and purpose-built bioshield around the tokamak (pictured above) that contains the plasma where temperatures of over 100 million degrees centigrade will be created to allow fusion to occur.

The project required unique and bespoke solutions, templates and processes developed by Savvy's experienced team over several months to enable the level of accuracy required to ensure safety and the success of the project.

With the biosphere in place, this ground breaking project now moves to the next phase of experimentation. Visit for future updates.



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