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Savvy CEO to take part in Helen and Douglas House's Jail and Bail fundraiser

Steve Dunne, Savvy Group's Founder and CEO, along with nine other 'prisoners' from the construction industry in Oxfordshire, will be arrested for their crimes (really serious things such as 'always eating all the biscuits' or 'crimes of fashion'!) and locked up for the day whilst supporting Oxfordshire's children's hospice, Helen & Douglas House.

The day begins with a breakfast for the criminals at Savvy Group offices in Horspath, after which they will be 'arrested' and transported by Thames Valley Police to Oxford & Castle Prison. The prisoners will then face a judge who will set a bail of £999, and freedom is only secured when the bail has been reached. To help them do this, prisoners will be sent to their group cell with their laptops and mobile phones so that they can reach out to their networks. The day takes place on Wednesday 22nd May 2024 but please feel free to visit Steve's fundraising page today to donate and help raise money for this vital children's charity.



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