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Tokamak Energy bioshield


Tokamak Energy partnered with Savvy Construction to engineer an extremely complicated and unique bioshield around the priceless tokamak technology (pictured above) that holds the plasma where temperatures of over 100 million degrees centigrade will be created to allow fusion to occur. Their mission is to develop a scalable fusion solution that will give the world an attractive new power source that is plentiful, safe, cost-effective, secure and clean. The project was highly demanding, requiring the optimum standard of materials and trusted workmanship in the industry, operating alongside a multi-disciplinary team including scientists from around the world. It involved bespoke solutions, templates and processes developed cooperatively by the Design Team and Savvy. This experienced group collaborated over several months, trialling different methods of construction prior to commencing the live project, to enable the level of accuracy required to ensure the tokamak can operate safely and ensure the success of the project objectives. Many of the materials such as butyl mortar, baryte sand and the large-scale of the stainless, non-magnetic steel structure have rarely been applied in the UK, requiring an adaptation of skills from both the client and the contractor. The bioshield construction involved the engineering, manouveur and construction of over 550 unique concrete blocks weighing up to 1600kg each and 900mm in thickness, all within a 2mm tolerance, within cllose proximity of the precious tokamak. The roof, a single concrete unit, was installed using street cranes and weighed over 200,000kg, the equivalent of approximately 60 African elephants or 15 double-decker buses! With the biosphere in place, this ground breaking project now moves to the next phase of experimentation. Visit for future updates or view the project video at

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