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Exceptional projects delivered seamlessly. 

From design, project management and construction to completion, our team at Savvy consists of some of the most experienced and skilled professionals in the construction industry, able to deliver a quality service in all aspects of the building cycle.

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Who are we?

Savvy Group is a specialist building company, consisting of Savvy Construction Ltd and Savvy Maintenance and Renovations Ltd.  We are a multi-disciplinary main contractor with experience working in many different sectors of the construction industry.


Our projects range in scale and complexity, with Savvy Construction working on our larger projects, including some of the most important projects in Oxfordshire and the Southeast, leaving our Savvy Maintenance and Renovations team to concentrate on smaller or more specialised projects, requiring certain skills.


Our diversity of experience means that we have become distinguished at managing all types of projects across multiple sectors, including those that present logistical and architecturally sensitive challenges such as listed buildings and inner-city locations.

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What makes us different?

We are committed to providing the best quality and performance on every aspect and stage of the works. What attracts our clients is our local expertise and focus on intelligent, competitive delivery, twinned with the resources and reach that gives Savvy Construction the edge, delivering work with passion, flair and innovation.

To accomplish a quality delivery we employ the most talented tradesmen available. Our employee portfolio comprises a wide range of skills ranging from traditional restoration crafts to the latest techniques in building skills, combined with use of the highest quality materials from our trusted supply chain. This is enhanced by our commitment to promote the continuous professional development of our employees. We support our staff by funding and giving them access to relevant training courses, as and when required. Doing this ensures that our team members are equipped with the latest advances in regulations, skills and expertise, all of which are essential to our commitment to delivering our client’s needs and expectations at a fair price, on time and on budget.

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