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Savvy Aftercare.
An aftercare service that focuses on the client's needs.

Savvy is committed to providing a highly professional service that focuses on the clients' needs at every stage. What sets us apart is that we recognise that this must include the period after the project completion. To achieve this we created Savvy Aftercare, a dedicated team of professionals whose sole focus is rectifying any issues that may arise after the project handover, quickly and with no hassle.


Our flexibility and focus mean we can take a personal and hands-on approach, ensuring every detail is taken care of promptly and to a high standard.


This service includes a commitment to the following assistance;


  1. Collation and filing of home user guides for every property that explains how a new/ refurbished home works, including all appliance manuals and any other user manuals and instructions.

  2. Recording of all paint colours/ tiles and flooring specifications etc.

  3. Collation and filing of all warranties, guarantees, and certification.

  4. A description of the settlement that occurs in these homes and how the one-year defect process will take care of them.

  5. A single point of contact for the homeowner and developer for all Aftercare queries.

  6. Coordination of the various trades in an emergency and/or at the end of defects period.

  7. Organisation of the entire Aftercare process through to completion during the entire defects period.


Contact us below to find out more information.

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